All about Table Cover & Runner:- Having good seating and eating areas in the house is a very important aspect of good living. The definition of good is not just in terms of food. It is about the setting as well, which is contributed by a dominating dining table in the house. Dining tables add sheer elegance to the house, which is elevated by the addition of table covers and runners. The runners & covers add to the aesthetic value of the house.

Table cover and runners are considered to be a saving grace for their basic function. They are protecting the dining table against any spillage of food or drink. Runners are placed over dining covers so that if there is any spillage, the runner can take it. Since the runner is easy to wash, it can easily protect the dining cover. If by any chance, the food misses the runner and lands on the dining cover, the damage will be limited only till the dining cover. Usually dining tables are made out of expensive wood or glass. If the table covers and runners are used together, the dining table has a chance to be saved.

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