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Mudcloth Cotton Ivory Sofa Cushion Cover


Handmade Mudcloth Sofa Cushion Cover

cotton cushion cover

Boho Cotton Square Sofa Cushion Cover


About This Mud Cloth Cushion Cover

  • Dimensions : 20 x 20 Inches / 24  x 24  Inches
  • Material: Made From 100% Thick Rug Cotton
  • Technique: Hand Loomed and Hand Block Printed
  • Usage: Sofa, Bed Room, Living Room, Decoration & Many More.
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We offer a unique collection of hand-block-print Cotton cushion cover made in India with natural cotton rugs and geometric designs in fermented mud.
These cotton cushion cover design to make your house look good. It’s also going to give it a cultural significance that will help you grow. This is in addition to the knowledge of any guests you have over. In the West African nation of Mali, there is a tradition of wearing mud cloth dating back to the 12th century. Mud-cloth becomes bogolanfini when translated into Bambara, the native language of Mali. Bogolanfini consists of three Bambara words: BOGO, lan, and fini. Bogo translates as “earth” or “mud”, lan translates as “with”, and fini translates as “cloth”.

Technique :

  • Hand Loom: Hand-loom textiles have a quality of richness and depth missing from commercially produced textiles a handloom requires human power, no electricity to manually weave a fabric, weaving warp and weft yarns together this is how it’s been done for as long as we know fabric to have existed, there’s is a reason it’s been around for thousands of years.
  • Hand Block Printing: The process of block printing begins with wooden blocks. Woodcarvers cut designs into blocks of various shapes and size these blocks are then dip in vegetable dye colors and stamped onto cloth as if they were stamps. Different blocks for different colors are use.

The backside is a good-quality canvas fabric with zipper closure. The durable design combined with genuine craftsmanship ensures a long lifetime.

You can also buy and mix with our matching Mudcloth Carpets and Throws to Complete the Look

Please Note: This listing is only for the cover, not the insert.

Additional information

Hand Art

Hand Block Print, Hand Loomed








Square (20X20 Inches), Square (24X24 Inches)

Wash Care

Hand Wash


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