Bhandhej Fabric

Special Things About Bandhej and Bandhani

What exactly are Bandhani and Bandhej?

The Hindi and Sanskrit terms “Bandhna” and “Bandha,” which both mean “to knot,” were the source of the phrases “bandhani” and “bandhni,” respectively. Another spelling of the same word is bandhej. In essence, Bandhani refers to the ancient Indian art of “tie and dye” (a resist-dyeing method that uses impermeable threads for tying), which is used to create exquisite, beautiful patterns on cloth.

Some special technique to make

To begin with, the fabric is tied using impermeable thread in various designs and patterns and then dyed using beautiful solid colors. When the experts dye these tied fabrics, the tied part doesn’t absorb the color and remains white or the same color as the cloth. Once dried, it is left in the open air to dry. The time taken by the fabric to dye depends on the weather. During monsoons, the cloth takes up to 2 days to dry up, while in the summer season, the entire process is done in a span of 4-5 hours. Besides the weather, the fabric also plays an important role in dyeing.

Bhandhej Fabric

Most important colour of Bhandhani 

Being such a vibrant craft, bandhani has a strong connection to luck. It uses deep, black tones but typically starts with brighter colours. Yellow is the first colour to begin with, and then reds, maroon, ochre, orange, indigo blues, turquoise blue, and deep greens are used for additional dyeing and re-dying. These days, the Bandhani palette also includes additional colors including purple, mustard yellow, beige, pink, and even black.

Feel the grace of Bhandhani print

When you walk outdoors, we always consider our attire as well as what will make us seem good and offer us grace, but we neglect to consider our culture’s art, pattern, and design. A very old pattern that is prevalent in Gujarat and Rajasthan is the bhandhani design. We wish to make our culture known to everyone. Visit our website, which provides a variety of colour and design choices, to learn more about bhandhani.

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